Started in September of 2012 and aimed primarily to serve the vast Chinese community, Vandiary has been covering events, entertainment, food, travel, deals, and happenings around the beautiful city of Vancouver. We strive on providing the most comprehensive guides to our readers, and to share our love for this wonderful city we call home.

Our genuine passion quickly connected to our readers and followers, and Vandiary has rapidly grown to become the go-to source for everything Vancouver.

Thanks to our fans’ amazing support, Vandiary‘s social media presence is second to none in the Chinese community, it is comparable or even stronger than many mainstream sites.

Here are just a few of Vandiary‘s Social Media accounts, the strong numbers speak for themselves:

  • 125,585 fans on Sina Weibo Chinese equivalent of Twitter. Ranked No. 1 Chinese community in Canada, compared with other Chinese social media.
  • 42,022 subscribers on WeChat  The most popular communication app for Chinese.
  • 5,596 likes on Facebook with very active participation from fans. We also write many of our Facebook Page statuses with 2 different languages: Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.
  • 7,180 followers on Instagram with hundreds of shares from fans under hashtag #Vandiary.